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    Do you know the classification of vending machines?

    Time£º2019/2/17Author£ºadminClick£º 875
    At present, the unmanned vending machine is made into three types according to the cooling function: the refrigerated type; the model has an overall refrigerating function, the temperature is adjustable within a range of 3 to 7 degrees Celsius, and the refrigeration system can be controlled separately. You can also sell a variety of drinks, dairy products, etc. that need to be refrigerated. The machine has a large area of double-layer vacuum belt heating and defrosting function of tempered glass, which is intuitive and easy to use. Normal type; this model does not have a refrigeration system, and can be combined with any shipping method and payment method. Suitable for all kinds of boxed and bagged products that do not need to be refrigerated. Semi-cooling type; the lower layer of the model is a refrigerating area, and the upper layer is a common area, which realizes the function of 1+1>2 for common models and refrigerating models.